Home Automation

Glance to Home Automation

We provide automation so that you can experience your home even when you aren't in it. From automating your lighting to video entry, to thermoregulation and security alarm systems, all the devices are designed to bring you maximum comfort and security. Our automation services include, but not limited to


Our home automation turns lighting into ‘Smart lighting’. It adds elegance convenience and energy efficiency to your home. You would be able to increase or decrease the brightness of any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch. Its not just smart, its the future.

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Temperature control

With our Temperature control systems the client can customise, monitor and control the temperature or climatic preference in their own home, with a 0.5°C precision. The whole principle is based on the measurement of an ambient temperature in the room which the system is installed.

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System Supervision

As the name suggests, this is a integrated management system that can be used to control or manage different individual features of our automated home system.

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Sound diffusion

Our sound diffusion systems helps in exerting total control over the audio, including volume, tone and intensity, that is distributed throughout the home. Our systems can be pre-programmed to play the clients desired audio selection at user-selected time and environment.

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Remote control

Our home automation system has a remote control module that helps to access the automation system over the internet. Thanks to the server unit the system will automatically connect to the Came server over the Internet. The whole system is seamlessly integrated such that with the help of an iPhone, iPad or PC the client can control the system remotely while viewing the images and commands on the local touch screen.

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Energy Management

The main function of the energy management module is to prevent power disruption due to overload. Our module display’s the status of various electric utilities and total power consumption in a user friendly touch display and helps the user to understand the power requirements by displaying consumption statistics that it has collected. On the technical side, the operation works such a way that a CT current transformer is connected to the electricity meter of which you want to detect the output current, if the latter exceeds the threshold, the module that is connected to the CT disconnects the loads in the order of priority, until the energy consumption values are within the correct parameters. The utilities will then be reconnected when the total value of absorption on the line falls below the limit value.

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