Window shutters

Automatic ornamental safety grills

Not all shutters are aesthetically pleasing.When clients requested incorporating our premium materials into a shutter which is ascetically pleasing, we came up with the Ornamental window shutter line. We offer multiple designs depending on the clients requirements. There is also an option that we offer for custom designs.All the materials that we use are of premium grade and this grade of materials coupled with our unique designs gives our products a competitive and aesthetic edge over our competitors.

Automatic classic rollup safety grills

Roll up grilles has been designed to offer maximum visibility and freeness of air circulation while providing absolute security.

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Automatic Curtains

We can motorises your curtains simply with an electric curtain track. It is available with a central or side opening and blends in discreetly into your design. There are no more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up! Control them with one click to protect your privacy and the sun's rays. We can also incorporate sensors into the curtain settings, for example, a sun sensor on the front of your building activates your curtains when you want.By automating the process the interior of your home is kept cool. Furniture, rugs and coverings are protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Full flat profferated shutters

Full flat profferated shutters are 85% transparent material and Micro profferated transparent material too. Special punching process helps to avoid the entry of mosquitoes to the room and still allows the clean airflow to the room. Usage of heavy gauge shutter screen material will secure your opening. These are corrosion proof materials. the galvalume material is profferated, roll formed and powder coated which helps to get a complete corrosion resistance for a life time. Availability of different rail colours is the key feature of profferated shutters.
profferated shutters are mainly used in the area where we need a complete clear opening and a clear view when a shutter is closed. It is the best option to the entry of courtyards, swimming pools and much more.

Drive Options

Tubular Drive

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